Android Analysis

MARA - Mobile Application Reverse engineering and Analysis Framework

Github - Only works in Linux


Lobotomy is an Android security toolkit that will automate different Android assessments and reverse engineering tasks.

Lobotomy leverages and provides wrappers around other popular tools such as:

  • Androguard
  • apktool
  • Dex2Jar
  • Frida


nathen is an Android Emulator for mobile security testing.

The emulator is equipped with the Xposed Framework and the following pre-installed modules:

  • SSLUnpinning: to bypass SSL Certificate pinning.
  • Inspeckage: to perform the dynamic analysis of an application.
  • RootCloak: to bypass root detection.

假如提示 (./ -v start)
here's an incompatibility between HAXM hypervisor and VirtualBox 4.3.30+ which doesn't allow multiple hypervisors to co-exist.

==NIN: kill local Docker container manager. ==

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