Don't trust the DOM: Bypassing XSS mitigations via script gadgets

A script gadget Is a legitimate piece of JavaScript in a page that reads elements from the DOM via selectors and processes them in a way that results in script execution.

To abuse a script gadget, the attacker injects a benign looking element into the page that matches the gadget's selector. Subsequently, the gadget selects the benign-looking element and executes attacker-controlled scripts. As the initially injected element is benign it passes HTML sanitizers and security policies. The XSS only surfaces when the gadget mistakenly elevates the privileges of the element.

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<div data-cole="button" data-text="I am a button"></div>

	var buttons = $("[data-role-button]");
	buttons.html(buttons.attr("data-text"));	// this is a script gadget

data-text就是一个 injection_point.

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